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Last updated 18-04-03

This is the current set of features...

  • A fully object oriented design

  • Uses DirectX 9 through C#

  • Rendering with pixel/vertex shaders only

  • Fullscreen or windowed rendering

  • Mesh loader

  • Rendering ques

  • ...and some wishes.

  • "Scenes", e.g. intro, main menu, a level

  • View ports, handy in editors for example

  • Dynamic lightning with the nearest lights

  • Precalculated lightning for the "world"

  • Occlution culling (octrees and portals)

  • Some type of shadows (probably stencil shadows)

  • Particle systems

  • Animation controllers

  • Input mapping to events

  • Probably a scripting language

  • More features will be added along the development.